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Andrea Kneebone

Registered Marriage Celebrant

Your ceremony will capture the essence of you as a couple, both as individuals and in the bond you share. I craft heartfelt verses that describe the hopes, dreams and love you have for each other, bound to touch the hearts of your family and friends.

I am a lover of love

Two worlds collide, and out of everyone on the planet you have chosen each other. Whether it be youthful love at first sight or a lifetime of searching ~ the magic of it captivates me!

"Andrea made the ceremony so personal & yet professional and you could see she was beaming with excitement to have the honour of marrying someone she clearly cared for."- Rachel

"What a beautiful ceremony by Andrea, it was mesmerising ! Only wish I'd had her for my wedding too!"- Angela

"I had the honour to witness the most seamless wedding ceremony. The light but engaged mood she created helped each and every guest see and feel the true love."- Jo

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